Solar Energy

Bangladesh Can Leapfrog the West through Solar Abundance

As I travel to Bangladesh, the home of my ancestors, I reflect on how a country struggling to emerge from the ravages of colonisation faces the unprecedented opportunity to become a solar super power

14 min read

The Coming Dawn of a Global Solar Civilisation

We can build a new clean energy system based on distributed abundance and empathic intelligence that helps us solve some of our biggest challenges

14 min read

Why transformation of the global energy system is now unstoppable

We've passed a global energy transition tipping point making dominance of solar, wind and batteries inevitable and irreversible within decades. A whole new system is being born. But technology alone can't save us: we need a collective shift in mindset, values and governance.

16 min read

The Future of Human Civilisation is African

Africa is one of the most vulnerable regions in the world to climate change. But the biggest untold story is that Africa represents the future of global civilisation, and the key to a new era of unimaginable abundance within planetary boundaries.

10 min read

The Fossil Fuel Energy Cliff and the Great Oversimplification

Recent claims that renewables represent an inevitable energy descent are derived from a new form of 'energy blindness' that ignores the best EROI systems science.

19 min read

Energy transformation won’t be derailed by lack of raw materials

A 1,000 page report influencing IMF, UN and EU policymakers claims we don't have enough materials to support a global shift to clean energy. But the report is deeply flawed, based on indefensible unscientific assumptions, and totally ignores key scientific findings.

33 min read

Ex-chief of BP-acquired solar giant foresees renewables revolution

A new paradigm of ‘planetary ecology’ might emerge after 2050

  • Nafeez M Ahmed
6 min read
Nafeez M Ahmed

100% renewables: ‘wishful thinking’ or an imperative goal?

  • David W. Schwartzman
12 min read
David W. Schwartzman

We’ll always have the Sun: solar energy and the future of humankind

  • Ugo Bardi
5 min read
Ugo Bardi

How the renewable energy transition could usher in an economic revolution

  • Felix FitzRoy
8 min read
Felix FitzRoy

3 ways Clean Energy will make Big Oil extinct in 12 to 32 Years — without subsidies

As the old world dies, a new world is being born

  • Nafeez M Ahmed
12 min read
Nafeez M Ahmed

Solar can already generate more energy than oil, says major scientific review

And is twice as powerful than previously thought

  • Nafeez M Ahmed
4 min read
Nafeez M Ahmed