How Does Cinema War Propaganda Really Work?

It goes far beyond the government entertainment liaison offices

  • Tom Secker
  • Matthew Alford
10 min read
Tom Secker, Matthew Alford

Toby Young role was to police dissent on Prevent for Downing Street — inquiry report

An official investigation throws light on how the government wants to use the Office for Students to crackdown on free speech that is critical of government policy in universities

  • Nafeez M Ahmed
4 min read
Nafeez M Ahmed

How the Roman Empire can explain the dramatic rise in state violence

  • Ugo Bardi
7 min read
Ugo Bardi

ISIS was state-sponsored by US allies, says former government intelligence analyst (EXCLUSIVE)

  • Nafeez M Ahmed
14 min read
Nafeez M Ahmed

Pentagon study declares American empire is ‘collapsing’

Report demands massive expansion of military-industrial complex to maintain global ‘access to resources’

  • Nafeez M Ahmed
15 min read
Nafeez M Ahmed

After Finsbury Park: Tackling Islamophobia as ‘extremism’ will compound Prevent’s failures

  • Yahya Birt
8 min read
Yahya Birt