From Russia with Revenge

How the Clinton Administration’s Meddling in Boris Yeltsin’s 1996 Re-election Campaign and Overall Policies Towards Russia Destroyed its Economy and Nascent Democracy, Paved the Way for Putin, Doomed Hillary, and Set the Stage for Trump

  • Ned Snark
58 min read
Ned Snark

How the Roman Empire can explain the dramatic rise in state violence

  • Ugo Bardi
7 min read
Ugo Bardi

Cryptocurrencies are surprisingly similar to Medieval relics

Relics: the bitcoin of Middle Ages

  • Ugo Bardi
5 min read
Ugo Bardi

Thanksgiving: celebrating the hidden holocaust

  • Nafeez M Ahmed
11 min read
Nafeez M Ahmed

Are You Ready for Another Round of Mass Exterminations?

  • Ugo Bardi
8 min read
Ugo Bardi