First stage of abrupt climate catastrophe has begun by crossing Arctic tipping point

This is the era of accelerating climate breakdown. The disappearance of Arctic summer sea ice is now inevitable. We've crossed a dangerous tipping point at risk of triggering others. Yet pathways to transformation over the next 15 years could still pull us back from collapse.

9 min read

America’s Fossil Fuel Economy is Heading for Collapse – It Signals the End of the Oil Age

US oil production is about to peak, but the world is unprepared for the tremendous economic and political consequences. The only path through is energy and economic transformation.

11 min read

Blockchain Ecology: The Key to a Prosperous Economic Future

Never heard of a ‘blockchain ecology’? That’s probably because few are considering it, and it is critical in building polycultural systems.

  • Gunther Sonnenfeld
6 min read
Gunther Sonnenfeld

Patagonia’s Big Business Miss

The iconic brand is lost in the liberal/progressive morass of political jockeying & carbon negative environmental imprints under the guise of ‘resistance’

  • Gunther Sonnenfeld
13 min read
Gunther Sonnenfeld

Amazonian Economics: What you need to know about the world’s most valued company

A highly pragmatic vision for the futures of work, emerging markets, local economies + how we can prepare for prosperity

  • Gunther Sonnenfeld
42 min read
Gunther Sonnenfeld

An Applied Blueprint for the Restoration of Democracy

We have forged a new path aligning ecological, economic, journalistic and policy development. We see this synthesis as the future of a civic democracy.

  • Gunther Sonnenfeld
  • Andrew Markell
32 min read
Gunther Sonnenfeld, Andrew Markell