Systems Thinking

‘Global Phase Shift’ as a New Systems Framework for Collective Intelligence

I've just submitted a new research paper to 'Foresight', a major peer-reviewed journal for the study of the future. The paper is a scientific synthesis of my theory of the 'global phase shift' - the key subject of this newsletter. Will welcome your thoughts!

59 min read

Culture Wars Are a Symptom of Earth System Crisis

Why are our societies, politics and culture getting more and more polarised? A systems lens reveals it's no accident. It's a symptom of the twilight of the current life-cycle of civilisation as a new one dawns. From ISIS to Brexit, the entire global system is flipping into a new order....

16 min read

Why transformation of the global energy system is now unstoppable

We've passed a global energy transition tipping point making dominance of solar, wind and batteries inevitable and irreversible within decades. A whole new system is being born. But technology alone can't save us: we need a collective shift in mindset, values and governance.

16 min read

First stage of abrupt climate catastrophe has begun by crossing Arctic tipping point

This is the era of accelerating climate breakdown. The disappearance of Arctic summer sea ice is now inevitable. We've crossed a dangerous tipping point at risk of triggering others. Yet pathways to transformation over the next 15 years could still pull us back from collapse.

9 min read

The Planetary Emergency is a Crisis of Spirituality

The collapse of reductionist materialism is a defining feature of the global phase-shift. The question is, what comes next, and what are we going to do about it?

11 min read

The Next Decade Will Be The Most Pivotal in History: This is the Global Phase-Shift

Human civilisation is experiencing a Great Metamorphosis in which our energy, politics, economics, culture, values and worldviews are being completely rewritten.

13 min read

Only ‘collective intelligence’ can help us stave off an uninhabitable planet

Humanity needs new tools to overcome the global crisis of collective insanity

  • Nafeez M Ahmed
11 min read
Nafeez M Ahmed

Our broken mental models are at the root of global systemic crises

  • Ugo Bardi
  • David Packer
4 min read
Ugo Bardi, David Packer

Uncertainty is the best tool to navigate toward our post-carbon future

Why confronting the limits to knowledge about complex systems can enhance our capacity to learn

  • Josh Floyd
8 min read
Josh Floyd

How the Trump regime was manufactured by a war inside the Deep State

A systemic crisis in the global Deep System has driven the violent radicalization of a Deep State faction

  • Nafeez M Ahmed
39 min read
Nafeez M Ahmed

Why the United States is at war with itself

The End of History is just the beginning

  • Nafeez M Ahmed
10 min read
Nafeez M Ahmed