The Next Decade Will Be The Most Pivotal in History: This is the Global Phase-Shift

Human civilisation is experiencing a Great Metamorphosis in which our energy, politics, economics, culture, values and worldviews are being completely rewritten.

13 min read

Overcoming overshoot: how to stop stealing resources from future generations

Earth Overshoot Day was on August 1st in 2018 and continues to be earlier every year

  • Daniel Christian Wahl
7 min read
Daniel Christian Wahl

Global civilisation to descend into ‘hell on earth’ unless we choose a new paradigm

British energy pioneer warns of uncertain future while highlighting increasing probability of a ‘great transition’

  • Nafeez M Ahmed
8 min read
Nafeez M Ahmed

How INSURGE will give the media back to the people, to save the planet

INSURGE intelligence is launching its new platform for fearless, independent journalism that will empower action for change

  • Nafeez M Ahmed
23 min read
Nafeez M Ahmed

Why economic orthodoxy is a dangerous ideology that is destabilising the planet

  • Daniel Christian Wahl
6 min read
Daniel Christian Wahl

Amazonian Economics: What you need to know about the world’s most valued company

A highly pragmatic vision for the futures of work, emerging markets, local economies + how we can prepare for prosperity

  • Gunther Sonnenfeld
42 min read
Gunther Sonnenfeld