To Do – Discourse

A footer has been created at the bottom of the forum, similar to the one seen at the bottom of the Ghost publication. While the blurb for the Tip Jar section can just be copied and pasted over, the first section has had its title changed from "Join INSURGE intelligence" to "INSURGE intelligence forum". You might want to insert a write-up in here saying a sentence or two about the forum, and that by signing up to a tier on the publication that they'd get access to members-only discussion topics on the forum. The following steps will get you to where you need to edit those blurbs.

AdminCustomize → click on the Default theme → Edit CSS/HTMLFooter → replace the two sets of "Lorem ipsum" → Save.

Adjust the content of the "Welcome to Discourse" topic

One of the first things that non-members will see when navigating to the forum is the "Welcome to Discourse" topic pinned to the top of the page. If you click into it you'll see that they suggest editing it by applying a description of the forum, etc., and that you then lock the topic so that replies can't be left (if that's what you'd prefer).

Welcome to Discourse
The first paragraph of this pinned topic will be visible as a welcome message to all new visitors on your homepage. It’s important! Edit this into a brief description of your community: Who is it for? What can they find here? Why should they come here? Where can they read more (links, resources,…